How to save for college?

when to begin college savings:

As soon as you can, you should begin saving for college. Your savings will have more time to develop the longer you leave them invested. Numerous parents begin saving as soon as their child is born, and some may even begin saving before.

How much should I put aside each month for college:

It’s difficult to determine how much money to set aside for college. Whether a student attends a public or private university, the amount of financial aid received, and the cost of living in the surrounding area can all have a significant impact on the prices.

Even while you can’t control all of your kids’ decisions, encouraging them to hunt for scholarships or find methods to save money is one approach to make expenses more predictable or keep them low.

The majority of the student debts I’m still repaying ten years later weren’t as much tied to tuition and fees as they were to my way of living.

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