Apps which allow you to invest in Gold?

Indians have a special relationship with gold and simply adore it. Indians frequently invest in gold in addition to purchasing it.

It is not only among the best investment possibilities, but also the best because it produces good returns.

Nowadays, gold investments can be made using smartphone apps.

Here are 7 gold investment apps:


Paytm offers digital gold investments starting at Rs. 1

Users can buy/sell digital gold instantly at market prices or accumulate in an online account with 100% security thanks to India’s largest provider of digital payments, Paytm.

They can offer to buy gold starting at Re. 1 and sell it for more than 0.1gm. After paying small making fees in the form of coins or other minted goods, users can also get their gold delivered (24 hours after purchasing it).


Flipkart-owned PhonePe provides a gold accumulating plan as well.

Flipkart’s PhonePe app also launched “Gold” investment option last December. Users may buy and sell 24K gold that has been certified for as little as Re.

Before beginning to invest in gold, they only need to open a PhnePe Gold account.

PhonePe teamed up with Safe Gold to provide this service, and the gold is insured and kept in a secure location.

The collected gold can also be obtained by users as coins.


The Augmont app enables the best gold investment rates.

Bullion India’s Augmont app allows users to buy gold online. Both iOS and Android are supported.

Again, consumers have the option of SIP (systematic investment plans), and gold can be purchased and sold for as little as Rs. 1. The yellow metal can be bought and saved in cost-free, secure, and insured vaults.

They are able to ask for delivery of the gold in the form of coins.

Me-Gold Investor, MO

Use this app whenever you want to buy, store, or sell gold.

Another mobile app that lets users invest in digital gold is MO Investor from Motilal Oswal Investment Services.

Users of the app’s Me-Gold function can purchase gold for a minimum of Rs. 1,000 without completing any paperwork.

Even on holidays, they can buy and trade gold. The gold that has accumulated is insured by MMTC-PAMP and may be given as coins or other minted goods upon request without incurring any monetary costs.


MetalPay wants to remove obstacles that come up when buying gold.

Users of the MetalPay app can purchase gold and digitally store it in safe virtual lockers.

For users to begin investing in gold online, they only need to register an account.

For as little as Re. 1, they can purchase the pricey metal. Additionally, it offers free gold insurance and vaulting.

Users of MetalPay can buy, sell, or request delivery of gold at any moment (with additional fees).


You may buy gold with Upwardly in only five minutes.

Another choice is Upwardly, a web application that allows customers to purchase digital gold for as little as Rs. 500; SIP is also an option.

A mutual fund business purchases and holds gold when a user purchases it. Additionally, the gold is sold at market value when a user decides to sell it, and they then receive their money back.

Stock Holding Corporation of India’s Gold Rush:

The Gold Rush website, owned by Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, allows investments in digital gold. Users can start with Rs. 1,000 to purchase and accumulate gold. They have the option to withdraw gold whenever it’s convenient for them, have it delivered right to their door, or pick it up at a Gold Rush location.

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