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About the Company

Ola Electric is a forward-thinking company that is changing the way we get around. They are all about eco-friendly mobility, focusing on electric vehicles (EVs) to make our cities cleaner and greener. From electric scooters to innovative solutions, Ola Electric is on a mission to provide high-performance alternatives to traditional transportation.

Led by a team of visionaries, Ola Electric is not just about electric vehicles – it is about creating a whole ecosystem. They have got smart charging solutions and battery swapping, making it easier for everyone to embrace electric transportation. Plus, they are all about making cities smarter and more connected for a better commuting experience.

Ola Electric is not just a ride – it is a step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. With their tech-savvy approach and dedication to customers, they are making electric mobility accessible and cool for everyone.

Get ready to ride into the future with Ola Electric!

 Funds Raised

$700 million through an IPO, filing the DRHP with SEBI by December 20, 2023.

 Fund’s Secure Target

Ola Electric’s strategy is to secure a substantial ₹ 5,810 Crore through its upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The company, backed by SoftBank, has set an ambitious valuation target between ₹ 58,100 Crore by early 2024.

Funds Usage?

Ola Electric’s electric vehicle (EV) business and establishing a lithium-ion cell manufacturing unit.

Recent reports highlighted Ola Electric’s adjustment to sales targets for 2023-2025, reducing them by over 50 percent and delaying profitability goals by a year.

This decision was influenced by reduced government incentives, resulting in higher e-scooter prices.

Revenue Target

The revised revenue target for the current fiscal year is ₹4,905.3 Crore, marking a nearly 60 percent reduction from the initial goal of ₹ 12,865 Crore.

Earlier reports from Money control indicated that Ola Electric had enlisted Kotak Mahindra Capital and Goldman Sachs for its IPO in early 2024.

IPO Financials

₹ in Crores:

 Total Revenue27824560.86
EBITDA Margins(94.08) %(157.24) %(167.92) %
Net Profit/ Loss(1472)(784)(199)


  • First-Mover Advantage: Ola was the first major cab aggregator in India, giving it a head start in establishing its presence in the market.
  • Financial Strength: Ola has received several rounds of venture capital investments, making the platform financially robust and capable of sustaining, and expanding its operations.
  • Online Application and Rapid Expansion: The user-friendly online application has made it convenient for customers to book rides, contributing to the rapid expansion of Ola’s services across various cities.
  • Strategic Acquisition (TaxiForSure): Acquiring TaxiForSure has added value to Ola’s brand, possibly bringing in additional resources, technology, or customer base to strengthen its position in the market.
  • Brand Awareness through Marketing: Ola has effectively used print media, online platforms, and TV marketing to raise awareness among users, ensuring that the brand is well-recognized and top-of-mind for potential customers.


  • Uncertain Government Regulations: Government rules for the taxi service sector are unclear, and they keep changing. This uncertainty can pose challenges and create difficulties for taxi providers like Ola.
  • Intense Competition: Ola faces strong competition from other companies like Uber and local emerging platforms. This competition can make it challenging for Ola to maintain its market share and stand out among competitors.
  • Limited Control Over Drivers: Ola’s business model makes it hard to control the behaviour of cab drivers. Since drivers play a crucial role in creating the brand image, any misbehaviour with consumers can harm Ola’s reputation.
  • Reputation Risks: If a driver behaves poorly or mistreats customers, it can damage the reputation of Ola. Maintaining a positive brand image is crucial, and incidents involving drivers can have a significant impact on how the public perceives the company.

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