How to Buy Unlisted Shares in India?

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Investing in unlisted shares in India has become more accessible, offering a straightforward way for individuals to diversify their investment portfolio.

Through user-friendly online platforms and brokerage services, investors can easily navigate the process of buying unlisted shares, exploring opportunities in promising private companies.

This simplified approach for buying unlisted shares allows for broader market participation and potential growth, contributing to a more dynamic and rewarding investment experience for those seeking alternatives to traditional stock markets.

Fair Value of Unlisted Shares

Before you start buying unlisted shares online, make sure to figure out how much those shares are actually worth.

Knowing their fair value is just as important as finding the right place to make the purchase.

 This simple step helps you make informed decisions, ensuring that when you buy unlisted shares, you are getting them at a price that makes sense. It is like making sure you are getting a good deal before you hit the “buy” button. Elevating Your Investment Journey with Unlisted Share Access”

At, we go beyond just selling unlisted shares. Our team thoroughly analyses each share, ensuring it is a worthwhile investment for Indian buyers before featuring it on our platform.

Why trust Because we are the same team managing lakhs of investors nationwide, known for our honest analyses of IPOs, Buybacks, and NCDs. To buy unlisted shares online, simply drop an email to [email protected] or call us at +91-8240614850. You can also check our trading platform –

Share the details of the unlisted share you want (name and quantity), and our team will promptly provide you with the best price. Trust us for a seamless and reliable unlisted share buying experience!”

Advantages of buying Unlisted Shares

  • Diversification“Think of diversifying unlisted shares like having a mix of friends – each brings something unique to the table. It helps balance risks and boosts your investment game!”
  • Early Opportunity “Getting unlisted shares early is like joining a cool party before it gets crowded. You grab the perks first and set yourself up for exciting opportunities and rewards!”
  • Flexibility in Decision-Making– “Unlisted companies have the freedom to plan for the future without the rush of meeting short-term goals every quarter. This lets them focus on long-term strategies and big-picture goals without the pressure of public market expectations.”

The process to buy Unlisted Shares

To buy unlisted shares with us, here is a simple process of making investment quick and simple.

  1. Sign Up & KYC: Start by signing up on the platform ( and complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, ensuring a secure and compliant onboarding.
  2. Place Order: Choose the unlisted shares you wish to buy, then place your order with the specified quantity.
  3. Complete Payment: Once the order is placed, make the payment through the provided payment methods, ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction.
  4. Quick Execution: Experience fast execution, with your trade completed within 24 hours. This ensures a prompt and efficient process from order placement to share ownership.

Important Note Please note that the lock-in period for selling unlisted shares is six months after listing. Hence you cannot sell an unlisted share which you bought in Pre-IPO for six months after its listing. For any query/ personal assistance feel free to reach out at [email protected] or call us at +91-8240614850.

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