Top 10 Richest Indian Cricketers in 2024: A Comprehensive Look at Their Net Worth and Financial Successes

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Top 10 Richest Indian Cricketers in India & Their Net Worth

Cricket, once solely considered a sport, has converted into a global phenomenon with a substantial economic footprint in India. Currently, the financial aspects of Cricket garner significant attention, reflecting its burgeoning prominence in entertainment and business. In this blog we will list the most richest indian cricketers & their net worth.

In this country, a billion people treat sports as a religion, and it is natural for sportspeople to gain handsome earnings. IPL, or Indian Premier League, has revolutionized the scenario for Cricket, attracting immense viewership, brand deals, and sponsorship. Moreover, cricket also serves as a significant generator of revenues worldwide.

The high-paying sport offers opportunities for players to amass substantial wealth. Cricketers today capitalize on their fame through brand endorsements, reflecting the ability to leverage brand value through commercial ventures.

Cricketers invest in startups and unlisted shares for diversification of income, and long-term wealth creation, and leveraging their entrepreneurial spirit. This enhances their brand and makes a positive influence on society- while continuing to pursue their passion for the sport. From spectacular performances on-field to remarkable business ventures off the pitch, these cricketers have marked a niche for themselves in sports, prosperity, and wealth.

Top 10 Richest Indian Cricketers: A Guide to Their Net Worths

1. Rohit Sharma

rohit sharma

Career Highlights

Rohit Sharma is known for his immaculate ability to time shots and his prowess in hard-hitting.

This batsman has innumerable records to his name, including the score fetching a world record of 264 in ODIs(One-Day Internationals), hitting the most number of double centuries in ODIs( three), and most centuries in T20 internationals (five).

Sharma was a captain for the first time in Mumbai Indians(MI) for IPL 2013. His stint of captaincy made him taste success by winning the title that year. Subsequently, the Mumbai-based franchise became the most successful in the history of IPL, with five crowns. IPL’s Astute leadership made selectors appoint Sharma with full-time captaincy in 2021 for the Indian Cricket Team, and India reached the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup for the first time.

Net Worth

The BCCI salary of the cricketer is INR 7 crore, and the IPL salary is INR 16 crore.

His net worth is $80 million, which establishes his place as one of the richest indian cricketers in 2024.

Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

Owing to his endorsements ranging from luxury watches to sports gear, he has ventured into business with a personal sports equipment brand called Rohit Sharma’s Cricket Gear. He is committed to social causes and has supported various initiatives relating to healthcare and education through his foundation.

He has been associated with lucrative contracts with brands like Hublot, CEAT, and Adidas.

The “Rohit Sharma Foundation” focuses on helping underprivileged children, promoting education, and providing healthcare facilities to those in need. 

Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal

Being an influential personality, Rohit Sharma resides in luxurious homes, enjoys exotic vacations, and drives high-end cars. Irrespective of the glamour, he is focused on goals and sets a great example for aspiring cricketers worldwide.

2. MS Dhoni

ms dhoni

Career Highlights

No less than a legend in the history of Indian Cricket, MS Dhoni remains known for more reasons than exemplary leadership. Dhoni’s journey from being a small-town boy to one of the most successful captains in history, talks about a story of grit, leadership, and determination. His lightning-quick reflexes behind stumps, with his ability to finish matches, gets him a special place in the hearts of fans. He has been the only skipper on the team to lead India in winning two World Cup championships.

He led India to victory in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and the ICC Champions Trophy 2013. 

His calm demeanour has gotten him the title of ‘Captain Cool’ from his fans. He has deservedly received recognition accolades like the ICC ODI Player of the Year (2008, 09), Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, and Padma Shri.

Net Worth

His net worth has been estimated to be $150 million. His illustrious career, including business ventures, contracts, and endorsements, makes him remarkably wealthy.

Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

His earnings from cricket span over two decades, including his tenure in the Indian cricket team as a captain, match fees, and IPL contracts.

His investments extend beyond Cricket as he levies interest in agriculture, real estate, and his own company of production, namely Dhoni Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Dhoni is associated with brands like GoDaddy, Reebok, and Spartan Sports, which bolsters his income. Other endorsements include Indigo Paint, Orient PSPO, Amity University, and Boost.

Dhoni’s ownership stake in the CSK franchise adds to his financial portfolio. CSK unlisted shares surged to hit 3x for hitting Rs 229 in April ‘22, further being stabilized to Rs 165 in Mar ‘23. The IPL underway made the stock get back on the rise, to have a current trading amount of Rs 190 approximately. The track record of success should ideally make you set the stage for lucrative returns by investing in CSK unlisted shares here. 

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Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal

Dhoni’s lifestyle showcases understated elegance, as he claims a collection of vintage motorcycles and luxury cars as well as serene retreats in the Ranchi farmhouse.

3. Virat Kohli 

virat kohli

Career Highlights

The past decade has been dominated one of the most richest Indian cricketer, the legendary Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli.

This Indian batsman holds multiple records in his accord, and deservingly so. He has a record of attaining the maximum centuries in ODI cricket (50) and second-highest centuries in international Cricket (80).

His reputation for being a master batsman often seemingly overshadows his leadership traits. However, he has enjoyed the most wins in Test Cricket as a captain, having 40/68 match wins. He has led the Indian team to the country’s first-ever Border-Gavaskar trophy win in 2018-19. 

Net Worth

His BCCI salary is INR 7 Crores and his IPL salary is INR 15 Crores, while he enjoys a net worth of $122 Million(INR 1012 Crores).

Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

He has been a Marquee player for Royal Challengers Bangalore since the league’s inception. 

Virat has been privileged to work with numerous multinational brands like MRF Tyres, Star Sports, Puma, and Uber in the endorsement portfolio. Working with top brands like Audi and Puma propels him to the forefront of celebrity endorsements.

He has also ventured into a clothing line of his own, Wrogn, alongside investments in startups like Stepathlon Kids. 

Rage Coffee has also onboarded Virat Kohli as a brand ambassador and investor. Kohli approves of having trailblazing products conforming with the innovative approach, and aligning with his lifestyle. You can also do the same to incur profits.

Additionally, the regulator of the capital market Sebi has approved the IPOs of 3 companies including that of the new-age company Go Digit, as backed by our star cricketer Virat Kohli. Digit Insurance highlights robust performance, experiencing 31.9% growth and generating premiums that total $186 million. Read more about this investment.

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Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal

Kohli maintains a routine of discipline that is focused on performance excellence and fitness, as he reflects the status of being one of the most influential personalities in the nation.

4. KL Rahul

KL Rahul net worth

Career Highlights

An elegant batsman and a bankable player in the IPL and International Cricket. KL Rahul opens the batting for the Indian team. Rahul’s adaptability is his hallmark.

Counting on his accolades, we find that Rahul had scored an unbeatable 132 off 69 balls in IPL 2020 against RCB, Bangalore. This made him script a record for the highest score from an Indian in the IPL. He has also beaten the record for the most scored runs by a captain in IPL. 

Currently, the Indian batsman-wicketkeeper captains the Lucknow SuperGiants. The franchise made the playoffs under his captaincy in the IPL in 2022 & 2023.

Net Worth

His BCCI salary is INR 5 Crore, while his IPL salary is 17 Crore. His net worth is deemed to be around $40 million which makes him one of the most richest Indian cricketer in 2024.

Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

His worth and earnings are driven by his cricket earnings with franchises like Punjab Kings, as well as brand endorsements like Puma, Curefit, and Kookaburra.

His marketability as an ambassador of brands has been enhanced, and he ventures into businesses focusing on wellness and health. His portfolio has diversified with real estate interests and technological startups, highlighting his forward-thinking measures. 

KL Rahul has been the ambassador for BoAt, which is the no. 1 brand for wireless earwear and smartwatches in India. BoAt has secured Rs 500 Cores from Malabar Investment Advisors and Warburg Pincus in Oct ‘22, valuing the company at Rs 11,500 Cores in the last round of funding. It places the share price at Rs 1150-1200 approximately. Aman Gupta, Co-founder of the brand has hinted at a potential IPO by 25-26. 

One should seize the chance of exponential growth by buying unlisted shares for BoAt from a reliable platform.

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Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal

His keen interest in nurturing young talent and supporting Cricket at the grassroots level has been showcased through academies and coaching clinics. His social media highlights his healthy living and workout habits.

5. Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya

Career Highlights

It is rare to find a fast-bowling all-rounder, which makes Pandya stand out.

In 2022, this all-rounder was appointed as a captain for Gujarat Titans. It also turned out to be a season where he captained an IPL franchise. In his debut season, he led the side to a triumph. The achievement brought him to becoming the first captain after Shane Warne to lead a team to the IPL crown in the first year.

Post IPL 2024, Mumbai agreed with Gujarat to sign Pandya in a transfer for a deal of 15 crores INR. Pandya replaced the long-standing captain, Sharma.

Net Worth

His BCCI salary is 5 Crore INR, and his IPL salary is 15 Crore INR. His net worth has been estimated to be $50 million.

Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

Besides the established IPL contracts with Mumbai Indians, brand endorsements with companies like Gulf Oil, Eros Now, and Gillette have been visible. The esteemed cricketer has been found to invest in the D2C Startup Yu to initiate the expansion of wealth. He has participated in a minority investment in the organization to create value long-term. 

The funds through this investment have been required to launch the maiden campaign during the ongoing IPL season as well as the ICC World Cup. The company shows immense potential as the nation’s market has been expected to become a space of $200 Bn by 2026.  Altius Investech offers every investor a chance to tap into unparalleled growth in emerging markets- Buy unlisted shares now!

Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal

His lifestyle reflects vibrance in his personality through his penchant for designer fashion, exotic vacations, and luxury cars.

6. Sachin Tendulkar

sachin tendulkar

Career Highlights, Accolades

Even though this player stopped playing for the country 10 years ago, he is one the most famous names in Cricket. He has attained the nickname of “God of Cricket” and rightfully so. With many renowned awards in his domain like Bharat Ratna, Wisden/ICC Cricketer of the Year, and Padma Vibhushan, he has practically conceived Cricket in India and made fans love him since time immemorial. 

Tendulkar’s earnings span over two decades of dominating international Cricket. Their record-breaking performances, including the score of 100 centuries, got him enormous match fees, central contracts with BCCI(Board of Control for Cricket in India), as well as endorsements with brands.

Net Worth

His net worth is $200 million, placing him among the wealthiest cricketers in history. His unparalleled achievements on the field, coupled with his business acumen and endorsements, contributed to immense riches.

Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

Throughout his illustrious career, Tendulkar has signed sponsorship deals with brands like Britannia, Boost, Fiat Palio, Cannon, Sunfeast, Castrol India, and Philips.

Tendulkar showcases his astuteness in pre-IPO investing. Strategically, he had made a considerable investment in Azad Engineering in Mar 2023, and his foresight proved lucrative when he was allotted shares which were worth 5 crore, for Rs 3425/share. Adjusted for splits and bonuses, the average buying price per share stood at a mere Rs 100, letting Tendulkar’s investment flourish significantly.

The total value of the investment stands at a staggering Rs 31 crore now, marking an impressive gain of Rs 26 Crore. The success story showcases Tendulkar’s prowess in finance and wealth creation, underscoring opportunities in pre-IPO investing. It should stand as a beacon of inspiration to aspiring investors. Read more.

Sachin has also invested in an Indian Company called RRP S4E, which specializes in electro-optic solutions for the security and defense sector. The company is set to invest 5000 crores for a semi-conductor facility in Maharashtra over 5 years. Position yourself to reap the rewards by being a part of this pioneering force.

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Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal 

Despite the global fame and immense wealth, Tendulkar is seen to live a modest lifestyle, prioritizing family over material possessions. He lives in Mumbai and the hearts of fans even today for his grace, humility, and unwavering commitment to the sport and the country. His legacy will surely inspire generations to come.

7. Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah

Career Highlights

Only a few fast bowlers from the country have made a remarkable impact in international Cricket. Jasprit Bumrah is one such name, known for creating history as one of the best spin bowlers for deadly yorkers in the nation’s favour. 

The bowler hails from Gujarat and is known to be the fastest Indian pacer to be scalping 150 wickets for the Test Cricket series. He is also the second-fastest Indian to attain 100 wickets for ODIs. This Indian speedster holds the record of being the world’s only bowler to reach the pinnacle of ICC rankings in all three game formats.

Bumrah became prominent during the IPL for his role in the Mumbai Indians, where he contributed to five title wins in the MI franchise. He deserves his rank as a top Indian cricketer in 2024.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jasprit Bumrah is estimated to be $35 million, reflecting his meteoric rise in international cricket. As one of the leading bowlers in the sport, Bumrah has quickly become a key player for the Indian national team and in various lucrative leagues around the world. His exceptional skill, particularly in the fast bowling department, has not only earned him numerous accolades but also substantial financial rewards through match fees, endorsements, and participation in high-profile cricket leagues making him one of the richest indian cricketer.

Accolades, Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

Primary income sources include cricket earnings, specifically lucrative contracts in the IPL, and brand endorsements with boAt, Seagram, and Cultsport. Out of these, BoAt has shown significant sales growth over the years and one should consider taking control of their financial future through well-thought-of investments. Possibilities can be unlocked by purchasing boat unlisted shares from here. 

Bumrah has also endorsed products that range from alcoholic beverages to fitness gear. 

Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal

Bumrah prefers keeping his personal life under cover and focuses on honing the craft by maintaining peak physical fitness, as evident in his disciplined diet and training.

8. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja

Career Highlights

Also given the title of “Sir Jadeja” by fans, Ravindra Jadeja is popular for his exceptional skills as a spin bowler as well as a lower-mid-order batsman. Additionally, his fielding prowess elevates his place as a valuable asset to the Indian team. 

The sword-slashing celebrations with his bat make Jadeja make any side he is a part of, stable. His textbook cricketing shots are surely a rarity currently.

India recognizes him as a specialist bowler for his ability to turn the tides of a match in the team’s favour. His fielding finesse has given him the tag of the greatest fielder ever seen in the sport.

Net Worth 

His BCCI salary is INR 7 Core, and his IPL salary is INR 16 Crore, with an estimated Net Worth of $40 million.

Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

He has been a part of three wins for the IPL Title from Chennai Super Kings, out of five.

Several brand endorsements with HIL Limited, Adidas, and Castrol have been noted.

Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal

He is associated with initiatives for rural development alongside sports infrastructures in his hometown and surrounding areas. He is grounded with a down-to-earth lifestyle, a love for simplicity and family, and a passion for wildlife and nature.

9. Shubman Gill

Career Highlights

The prince of modern-day Cricket has been acknowledged for his incredible form and stellar performances.

Shubman Gill holds significant records in the ODI, one for being the youngest player for a double centurion and the other for being the fastest to score 2000 runs in 50 overs. He achieved this feat in 38 innings.

In T20 Internationals, he has the highest score for an Indian batsman, with 126 not out.

In 2022, he was a part of the Gujarat Titans Squad that won the IPL. The 2023 season had defined his career, where he scored three centuries and ended the tournament with a whopping 890 runs.

Net Worth

Gill’s BCCI Salary is INR 5 Crore and IPL salary is INR 8 Crore.

His net worth has been currently estimated to be around $15 million, as a testament to a potential future cricketing star.

Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

His performances in tournaments like the IPL garner attention from sponsors and franchises alike, further translating into endorsement deals with Tata Capital, ITC Exchange, beatXP, and BharatPe. If you also want to invest in tata capital buy tata capital unlisted shares from altius.

Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal

A young cricketer having a promising career, Gill has begun exploring avenues for personal investments to secure a financial future. It is common for young athletes to seek guidance from financial advisors for diversifying assets like stocks, mutual funds, and real estate.

He desires to give back to society while supporting initiatives aiming at cricket development. Although he doesn’t flaunt a luxurious lifestyle off the field, his calm demeanor and focus on the sport show his commitment to ambition, professionalism, and continuous improvement. 

10. Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant

Career Highlights

As a dynamic wicketkeeper and batsman, followers and experts of cricket look at Pant as a successor to Dhoni’s legacy on the national team. He proudly commands five test centuries in 33 matches till today and surely lives up to expectations.

His introduction occurred in Cricket in the ICC U19 2016 World Cup. He played for Delhi Daredevils in the IPL. His score of 128 runs from 63 balls against Hyderabad in the IPL made it the then-highest score from an Indian player in this franchise-based league. 

In IPL 2024, the Delhi Capitals had faith in him by naming him the captain. The impact of the man on the sport knows no bounds.

Net Worth

His BCCI Salary is INR 3 Crore, and IPL Salary is INR 16 Crore.

His net worth has been estimated to be approximately 25 Million, showcasing his ascent in international Cricket as an exciting talent.

Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures

The earnings stem from cricket contracts, lucrative IPL deals, and brand endorsements like SG, JSW Sports, and Adidas. 

Lifestyle, Philanthropy, Personal

The development of Pant’s career oversees the prospect of being involved in philanthropic activities while investing in development programs and sports academies.

Pant leads a balanced lifestyle revolving around family, cricket, as well as personal pursuits. He stays focused on his craft while also enjoying the perks of being a professional cricketer, including luxury accommodations and travel. His charisma, financial acumen, and skills mark his place as a great cricket player in the years to come.

Analysis & Trends

  • Indian Cricket has experienced remarkable growth in terms of financial prosperity and fan following. From meager allowances of 200 Rs/day to 1500 Rs per match in 1983, cricketers now earn 1-7 crore as per the category. BCCI has a pivotal role in cricket administration and the organization of international and domestic tournaments. Cricket is played in the formats of ODIs, T-20s, and Tests.
  • The IPL, or Indian Premier League, launched in 2008, has become one of the most popular, most-watched leagues globally. Every IPL game has a worth of over 15 million dollars, making it a financial windfall for players, sponsors, team owners, and, of course, the nation’s economy. The global phenomenon spans over two months, having ten competing franchises, 74 matches, and over 600 million views.
  • Broadcasting rights contribute substantially to the cricket economy, with organizations paying staggering amounts to secure telecasting rights. BCCI auctions the rights, which can result in massive revenues that benefit players and businesses.

Economic Impact of Cricket in India

  • IPL has been a commercial behemoth, creating a massive industry around sponsorships, broadcasting rights, and ticket and merchandise sales. The influx of funds contributes effectively to the national economy, which fosters business development and creates employment opportunities. 
  • The vast viewership of sports makes companies find it a lucrative platform for the promotion of services and products. Cricket tournaments are battlegrounds for brands wanting to gain visibility. Businesses efficiently enhance market presence through this. 
  • Cricketing infrastructure also plays a crucial part in the nation’s economy. The construction, as well as maintenance of stadiums, cricket academies, and training facilities, contribute to job creation, thereby stimulating economic growth.
  • Hosting international tournaments and matches brings in revenue through the sale of tickets, boosting tourism, with fans worldwide coming to witness the cricketing spectacle.
  • The success and fame of Indian cricketers in international Cricket enhance the country’s global image, attracting partnerships and foreign investments. Their achievements create nationalism and pride, serve as a unifying force, and foster a positive environment for economic activities in and out of sports.


The financial accomplishments of Indian cricketers, as exemplified by the top 10 richest Indian cricketers in 2024, underscore the colossal and magnified impact of Cricket on India and its economy. Cricket’s rise as a high-paying sport is not restricted to the field but extends to various brand endorsements and commercial ventures. It highlights the synergy between business and sports, with cricketers leveraging their influence and fame to build diverse streams of revenue.

Indian Cricket is not merely a game but an economic powerhouse influencing sectors of entertainment, advertising, infrastructure development, and tourism. The widespread popularity of the sport enables a continuous revenue flow, contributing to the nation’s significant economic growth and development. As Cricket continues to thrive and evolve, it will remain a driving force for innovation, opportunity, and growth in India and beyond.


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