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RRP S4E Company Detail

RRP S4E is a pioneering company known for its expertise in precision engineering and electro-optical technology. With a state-of-the-art Nano Machining facility in India, they craft mechanical and optical components with unmatched accuracy, setting industry standards. Their contributions extend beyond Earth, as they’ve played a vital role in space exploration, particularly in crafting large telescopic mirrors for projects like the MACE PROJECT. Innovation is at the heart of S4E, evident from their numerous patents in Electro Optics and their continuous pursuit of groundbreaking ideas. Not content with just one field, S4E is expanding its horizons, delving into areas like drone technology and counter-drone systems. Through initiatives like the “Make in India” program, they’re not only shaping the future of technology but also contributing to the growth of the Indian tech industry. With a commitment to excellence and a vision for the future, S4E continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in engineering and technology.

Company NameRRP S4E Innovation Private Limited
Company TypeUnlisted Private Company
IndustryAerospace and Defense Technology
HeadquartersThane, Maharashtra, India

S4E: Precision, Space, Patents, Expansion

  • Precision Engineering: S4E’s Nano Machining facility in India sets industry standards, producing mechanical components with 1-micron tolerance and optical elements with a 3-nanometer surface finish.
  • Space Contributions: S4E has played a significant role in space exploration, particularly in crafting large telescopic mirrors for projects like the MACE PROJECT.
  • Innovative Patents: The company has secured four patents in Electro Optics, showcasing their commitment to intellectual property and innovation in the field.
  • Diversification and Expansion: Beyond Electro Optics, S4E is venturing into lightweight Drone Cameras, Counter Drone systems, and VTOL technologies, aligning with the “Make in India” initiative to diversify and expand their capabilities.


  • Their vision entails becoming a leading company in the defense sector, acknowledged for technical excellence, a customer-centric approach, and a commitment to innovation.
  • They aim to utilize their expertise and resources to develop new and advanced technologies tailored to the evolving needs of the defense industry.
  • Their aspiration includes contributing to the nation’s defense capabilities and playing a significant role in safeguarding borders and promoting global security.


  • Their mission is to offer innovative, reliable, and cost-effective electro-optics solutions for the defense sector in India and globally.
  • They endorse the Atma-Nirbhar Bharat initiative, aiming to support armed forces with advanced technology that enhances capabilities, improves safety, and aids in mission achievement.
  • Upholding high standards of quality, ethics, and customer service is integral to their mission.
  • They focus on building long-term relationships with clients and partners to ensure mutual success and satisfaction.

Management of the Company

Rajendra Chodankar: RRP S4E Founder and Chairman

Rajendra Chodankar: Founder and Chairman

Rajendra Chodankar, the Founder and Chairman of RRP S4E INNOVATION PVT LTD, embarked on his professional journey in 1990. He initiated the incorporation of a private limited firm in 1996, specializing in mass spectrometry, vacuum systems, and elemental analysis. Under his leadership, the company achieved milestones such as establishing a unique nano-machining facility and producing 1000 modules with a remarkable 1-micron tolerance. The company expanded its expertise to include the production of large-size telescopes for space applications. In 2018, Chodankar established RRP S4E to provide comprehensive design capabilities for electro-optics solutions, building on the company’s strengths to deliver innovation in the field.

Ranjit Balan, the Senior Vice President of RRP S4E

Ranjit Balan : Senior Vice President

Ranjit Balan, the Senior Vice President of RRP S4E, has been with the company since 2005, demonstrating exceptional dedication. Starting from grassroots levels, he gained expertise in machining, coating, and quality control. His profound understanding of electronics hardware has driven advancements within RRP S4E. Currently, as Senior Vice President, he remains an invaluable asset to the organization.

Lt Gen SK Sain: Strategic Advisor of RRP S4E

Lt Gen SK Sain: Strategic Advisor

Lt Gen SK Saini, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM (Retd) ADC, serves as the Strategic Advisor, bringing over 40 years of distinguished military experience to RRP S4E. As the former Vice Chief of Army Staff, he led large field Army commands, managed significant budgets, and represented India internationally. With strong strategic acumen and leadership skills, he enriches RRP S4E with his extensive combat experience and expertise in planning operations across India.


Reflex Sights
  1. Reflex Sights: The PRM 25 and PR 100 are micro reflex sights offering precise aiming solutions for shooters. The PRM 25 features three MOA dot sizes with 8 intensity levels and MIL-STD IP67 protection, while the PR 100 offers three MOA dot sizes with 11 intensity levels and military-grade aluminum alloy construction. Both sights excel in rapid target acquisition and offer long battery run times, making them ideal for various shooting applications.
Telescopic Sights:

2. Telescopic Sights: The AP37/AP37-C and DHRISTI AP5-25X are two telescopic sights offering distinct features. The AP37/AP37-C provides durable lightweight design with 4X/5X magnifications, a 4.5-degree field of view, and parallax-free vision up to 500m. Meanwhile, the DHRISTI AP5-25X offers variable magnification from 5-25x, constant eye relief, and IP67 water resistance. Both models cater to diverse shooting needs with their respective technical specifications.

 II Tube Base Sights

3. II Tube Base Sights: The PNVM and PNVB are night vision devices tailored for low-light conditions. The PNVM, a monocular device, features Gen-2 Image Intensifier Tubes, IR and low battery indicators, and a 10-degree field of view. It can be used hands-free and offers enhanced visibility in extreme darkness. In contrast, the PNVB is a lightweight binocular with Gen-2 Image Intensifier Tubes, rubber winged eye cups, and a F1.2, 25.8mm lens system. Both devices offer reliable performance in low-light environments, with technical specifications covering various parameters such as magnification, resolution, and field of view.

Thermal Sights and Devices

4. Thermal Sights and Devices: The PR82 Thermal Sight offers clear images and extended detection with 12-micron 640 x 480 thermal sensors and 3X optical magnification. MIL-STD compliant, it ensures reliability in low-light conditions. The PR 110MF Handheld Thermal Imager provides HD low-light CMOS detection, digital zoom, and GPS functionality for accuracy. Both devices offer advanced thermal detection for optimal performance.

Long Range Camera

5. Long Range Camera: The VIRAJ 28 series provides versatile long-range surveillance with day and night vision capabilities. Equipped with high-resolution visible and thermal sensors, it offers clear imaging in diverse environments, meeting MIL-STD standards for reliability. Meanwhile, the VIRAJ C-LR features cooled sensor technology, day camera, and optional Laser Range Finder (LRF), ensuring optimal performance in challenging conditions. Detailed specifications cover range performance, pan-tilt features, and technical aspects for both models.

Antidrone System

6. Antidrone System: The AVINYA PAP 1100 is a portable anti-drone gun designed for quick and effective neutralization of unauthorized drones using advanced RF disruption technology. Meanwhile, the AVINYA RRF 5000 is an advanced anti-drone system that detects and disrupts radio signals, offering real-time drone detection and “soft kill” neutralization without causing harm. These devices are crucial for military and law enforcement operations.


7. VTOL: The VTOL aircraft offers versatile capabilities for military missions, search and rescue, and rapid transportation, with the ability to operate from various platforms. It features robust payload capacity, sophisticated flight controls, and rapid deployment readiness. With autonomous control and advanced propulsion systems, it provides 3 hours of flight duration and includes HD and LWIR cameras for day and night operations, along with reliable communication options.

Payload Camera:

8. Payload Camera: The VIHAAN V1 drone camera is ultra-lightweight and compact, designed for military use with high-resolution imaging and low power consumption. It offers compatibility with various lens sizes and features advanced capabilities like electronic fog penetration and digital zoom, making it ideal for tactical reconnaissance missions.

RRP S4E Innovation: Awards and Recognition

RRP S4E Innovation: Awards and Recognition
  • Padma Shri Award 2022: Founder Ranjendra Chodankar was honored with this prestigious civilian award, recognizing his exceptional contributions to innovation and technology.
  • Times Exemplary Leader Award 2023: This award highlighted the company’s outstanding leadership qualities and achievements under Rajendra Chodankar’s guidance..
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat Award:Acknowledging the company’s dedication to promoting self-reliance in India, it received this award for its contributions to fostering indigenous capabilities.
  • Lokshahi Sanman 2023: This award underscored the company’s commitment to ethical leadership and public service.
  • Indian Military Review Award:Recognizing the company’s significant contributions to the military and defense sectors, it received this esteemed accolade.
  • National Excellence Award: The company’s pursuit of excellence in engineering and technology earned it this prestigious national recognition.
  • Rashtra Bhushan Sanman: The company was honored with this award for its exceptional service and dedication to the nation.
  • WICASA 2023: This award highlighted the company’s leadership and contributions to the industry as recognized by the Western India Chartered Accountants Students’ Association.
  • Time Leading Entrepreneurs: Rajendra Chodankar’s entrepreneurial achievements were acknowledged with this recognition, further solidifying his status as a prominent leader in the business world.
  • India’s Greatest Leaders: Rajendra Chodankar was honored as one of India’s greatest leaders, reflecting his significant impact and influence on the country’s socio-economic landscape.
  • SBI Navbharat 2021: Recognizing the company’s contributions to India’s growth and development, it received this award from the State Bank of India, underscoring its influence on the nation’s economic prosperity.

Industry Overview

The Aerospace and Defense (A&D) Technology sector encompasses the design, manufacturing, and operation of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and defense systems. It includes aerospace technology, covering aircraft manufacturing, spacecraft development, and avionics systems, as well as defense technology, which involves weapon systems, cybersecurity, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Advanced engineering plays a crucial role, focusing on precision engineering, electro-optical technology, and nanotechnology. This is a global industry with collaborations and partnerships driving innovation across borders. Emerging trends such as technological advancements, commercial space exploration, and sustainability initiatives are shaping the future landscape of the industry. In summary, the A&D Technology industry is dynamic, innovative, and essential for national security and technological advancement.

Recent News

RRP S4E Partners with Ayonix for Facial Recognition in Medical Diagnosis

In a collaboration announced in 2021, RRP S4E joined forces with Ayonix, a leading Japanese developer of 3D face recognition technologies, to delve into the contentious yet promising field of facial recognition for detecting cancer and dementia. Led by Dr. Sadi Vural, Ayonix aims to leverage facial analysis for early disease detection, setting a goal of achieving a 99% success rate. This partnership is geared towards utilizing technology for medical purposes, particularly in the APAC regions, with plans to introduce mobile applications for widespread healthcare use.

RRP S4E Innovation Share Price (as on 09.03.2024)

  • The buy price of S4E share varies based on quantity, ranging from 299  for quantities between 500-999 shares to 285for quantities between  5000-9999 shares, with corresponding rates per share.
  • The 52-week high is 347, and the 52-week low is 285 ndicating the range of fluctuations in the share price. Additionally, the sell price of S4E is fixed at 260.

Currently, RRP S4E Innovation Private Limited Share Price is trading at around Rs. 290/share. CLICK HERE to Invest.

Shareholdings of RRP S4E Innovation

Shareholding Above 5%Holding %
Rajendra Chodankar 26.75 
Priyanka Chodankar 26.75
Mahrastra Defence & ASF13.74
Mantaraj Paliwal 6.29


₹ (in crores)

ParticularsFY 2023FY 2022Percentage change
Revenue from Operation31.2038.3118.56% decrease
Profit Before Tax11.308.6231.09% increase
Profit After Tax8.536.2237.14% increase
Earning Per Share15.8913.05
RRP S4E Innovation: Financial Highlights 2022-2023
RRP S4E Innovation: Financial Highlights 2022-2023

Financial Overview: Fiscal Year 2023 vs. Fiscal Year 2022

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, the company experienced a decline in revenue from operations by 18.56% compared to FY 2022. Despite this decrease in revenue, the company managed to achieve significant improvements in profitability metrics. Profit Before Tax (PBT) increased by 31.09%, and Profit After Tax (PAT) saw a notable rise of 37.14% in FY 2023 compared to FY 2022. Additionally, Earnings Per Share (EPS) increased from 13.05 units to 15.89 units.

Several factors may have contributed to the increase in profitability despite the decline in revenue:

  1. Cost Management: The company may have implemented effective cost-cutting measures or improved operational efficiency, resulting in lower expenses and higher profit margins.
  2. Diversification of Revenue Streams: While revenue from certain operations decreased, the company may have diversified its revenue streams or focused on higher-margin products/services, which contributed to increased profitability.
  3. Improved Pricing Strategies: The company may have adjusted its pricing strategies or optimized product/service mix to enhance profitability, offsetting the impact of declining revenue.
  4. Efficient Resource Allocation: Strategic resource allocation, such as prioritizing investments in high-return projects or reallocating resources to more profitable segments, could have positively impacted profitability.
  5. Economies of Scale: Despite the decrease in revenue, the company may have achieved economies of scale through production efficiencies or increased sales volume, leading to higher profitability.

Overall, the company’s ability to increase profitability despite declining revenue underscores its resilience and adaptability in managing challenges. By focusing on cost management, revenue diversification, pricing optimization, efficient resource allocation, and leveraging economies of scale, the company successfully improved its bottom-line performance and delivered value to its stakeholders amidst a challenging operating environment.


  • Company Profile: RRP S4E Innovation leads in precision engineering and electro-optical technology, with a focus on space exploration and expansion into drone technology.
  • Core Competencies and Growth: Setting industry standards in precision engineering and optical technology, while exploring new frontiers in drone technology.
  • Vision and Mission: Aspires to be a premier defense sector player, delivering innovative solutions and bolstering national security.
  • Leadership Expertise: Founder Rajendra Chodankar and team bring extensive experience, with strategic guidance from Lt Gen SK Saini.
  • Product Range: Offers diverse electro-optical solutions for defense needs, including reflex sights, thermal devices, and VTOL aircraft.
  • Recognition and Awards: Acknowledged for leadership, innovation, and contributions to national defense and industry advancement.
  • Industry Overview: Aerospace and Defense Technology sector entails design, manufacturing, and operation of aerospace and defense systems, driven by advanced engineering.
  • Financial Performance: Despite a decline in revenue, RRP S4E Innovation Private Limited showcased significant improvements in profitability metrics. Profit Before Tax (PBT) increased by 31.09%, and Profit After Tax (PAT) saw a notable rise of 37.14% compared to the previous fiscal year.

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