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A Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) is a document used in the context of stock trading or investment in financial markets.

 It is a form or a written instruction provided by the account holder to authorize the movement or transfer of securities (such as stocks or bonds) from one demat account to another.

Here is a general overview of how a Delivery Instruction Slip works:

Ownership Transfer: When you buy or sell securities in the stock market, the ownership of these securities needs to be transferred from the seller’s demat account to the buyer’s demat account.

DIS Form: To facilitate this transfer, the investor needs to fill out a Delivery Instruction Slip. This slip typically includes details such as the name of the security, the quantity being transferred, the target demat account number, and any other relevant information.

Authorization: The DIS serves as authorization from the investor to the Depository Participant (DP) to debit or credit the respective demat accounts accordingly.

Submission: Once filled out and signed by the account holder, the DIS is submitted to the DP through which the investor holds the demat account. The DP is responsible for processing the instruction and ensuring the proper transfer of securities.

Verification: The DP may verify the details provided in the DIS to prevent any errors or fraud. This verification process is important to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the securities transfer.

OTP Confirmation: You can authorize the eDIS function either with an OTP confirmation or an MPIN. The OTP confirmation will be directly sent in the registered phone number and E-mail address.

It is important for investors to exercise caution and ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the DIS to prevent any discrepancies or errors in the transfer process.

Additionally, the procedures and requirements for using a Delivery Instruction Slip may vary depending on the country and the rules and regulations of the relevant securities market.

“Understanding Slips: A Quick Look”

How to fill DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) and procedure to transfer shares from my demat account?

The details you are required to fill in into DIS slip.

  • Transfer of shares from CDSL to CDSL
  • Transfer of shares from CDSL to NSDL

To know the details about the procedure.

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