Reliance Retail enters general trade with own FMCG brands

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Reliance Retail has entered the Indian fast-moving consumer goods sector by expanding the distribution of its private label brands, Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart, which are sold in its supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The company had set an internal target of Rs 50,000 crore in revenue from the FMCG industry. which will be managed by Reliance Retail’s consumer brand segment.

It plans to sell groceries such as pulses and grains, edible oils, flour, dry fruits, spices, pickles, pastes, idli dosa batter, snacks such as biscuits, namkeens and sweets, ready-to-cook meals, ketchup, jams, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, breakfast cereal, oats, muesli, honey, sauces, tea and coffee.

Food brands include Good Life, Best Farms, Desi Kitchen, Snac Tac, Yeah!, Healthy Life, Aw So Yum, and more. Kaffe, Aarambh.

It has entered categories such as soaps, shower gels, hand wash, face wash, hair oils, talcum powder, sanitisers, sanitary pads, diapers, toothpaste and toothbrush, nail enamel, lipsticks, beauty accessories, hair accessories, daily essentials such as nail clippers and scissors, and deodorants in the non-foods space.

Get Real, Safe Lite, Petals, Mothercare, Calcident, Glimmer, Slimmer, Graphite, and Jive are among the personal care brands in the portfolio.

Toilet cleansers, floor cleaners, utensil cleaners, glass cleaners, detergents, agarbattis, and camphor balls are all part of the home care portfolio.

Brands entering the homecare market include my home, Enzo, Snug, Shieldz, and Samvaad.

Bulk of FMCG products are sold through mom-and-pop stores (over 80 per cent) in the country.

The remainder is distributed through modern trade and e-commerce platforms.

Last year, the country’s largest retailer entered the general trade with Puric InstaSafe, a line of personal hygiene and home disinfectants.

However, its new collection of products will compete with other companies in the same sector, such as Get Real, which has items such as soaps, shower gels, and facewash, and Safe Life, which has products such as hand washes, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant sprays.

Over time, the company may develop stock keeping units (SKU) that are only available to the general trade.

According to a reliable source, the manufacturing of these products is currently outsourced.

According to a fantastic stockist who recently joined the western region.

In the last two to three months, Reliance Retail has begun onboarding super stockists and distributors.

He also stated that no targets have been set, but that they will be implemented next month.

He also stated that the supply chain is still being established.

Super stockists are also rewarded with quadruple margins compared to other FMCG companies.

Reliance Retail is presently offering super stockists 6% profits.

Other FMCG companies have margins ranging from 2.95 to 3%.

eliance Retail’s net profit grew 114.2 percent to Rs 2,061 crore in the April-June quarter compared to the same period last year, while its EBIDTA increased 97.7 percent to Rs 3,837 crore.

The cash profit of the country’s largest retailer increased 105.2 percent to Rs 2,873 crore in the third quarter.

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