Trafigura to exit from Nayara Energy; sell stake to Italy’s Genera Group

You are currently viewing Trafigura to exit from Nayara Energy; sell stake to Italy’s Genera Group

Trafigura, headquartered in Switzerland, sold a 24.5% stake in Nayara Energy Limited to Hara Capital Sarl, severing ties with Russian energy giant Rosneft. Hara Capital Sarl is a Rome-based investment firm that is wholly owned by Mareterra Group Holding. With a 49.13% stake in the company, Rosneft is the sole shareholder.

Trafigura announced the completion of the sale of its indirect minority stake in Nayara Energy to Hara Capital Sarl, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mareterra Group Holding.

Trafigura planned to sell its stake to Mareterra Group Holding in 2021. The deal’s size was not disclosed publicly, but sources said Hara paid $165.9 million, or the book value of the stake based on Trafigura’s annual report from last year.

According to the statement, Mareterra Group, an investment firm focused on energy and carbon efficiency infrastructure, is active in France, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain and plans to expand beyond Europe. It will bring its strong experience in reducing the carbon footprint of fuel stations, installing electric charging stations, and improving energy efficiency at industrial assets as a new shareholder in Nayara Energy,” it said.

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